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Suggested optional social applications:
OStatus = GNU Social, Friendica (Friendica also connects to all others)
ActivityPub = PeerTube, Funkwhale, Mastodon, Pleroma, and others = Diaspora*
  • AndStatus - My personal favourite. Easy to use. Good for multiple accounts.
OS: Android Protocols: OStatus, ActivityPub, Twitter
  • Fedliab - Recommended. Best for beginners. Material design.
OS: Android Protocols: OStatus,, ActivityPub OS: Windows, Apple, Android Protocol: OStatus, ActivityPub
  • Choqok - My personal favourite
OS: GNU/Linux Protocol: OStatus,, Twitter, Open Collaboration Services OS: Windows & GNU/Linux Protocol: OStatus

Suggested optional chat applications:
Any Matrix compatible application will work. Simply change the homeserver to
  • - This is the defacto standard & best for users wishing to create their own rooms.
OS: GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Web OS: GNU/Linux, Android, Ubuntu Touch OS: GNU/Linux, MacOS
  • Nheko for Qt based desktops. My personal favourite.
OS: GNU/Linux, MacOS, Windows