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The Freaks Club® started with the demise of a decades old social network. Taken what we've known from running the cults (forum groups), infiltrating (promotion), running live music events, and general computer know-how, combined with a passion for freedom and open source which we can use to fight against the surveillance of the mainstream networks, this project was borne.

TFC is in the early stages of becoming a non-profit.

Our core crew mainly utilizes [electric] bicycles and public transportation in their daily lives and works on TFC stuff from home.

Our servers are housed by Green Geeks in the US and Orange Website in Iceland. The former pays 3x the electric bill on wind energy credits while the later directly powers the servers with thermo and hydroelectric.

Soon™ we will be booking shows and club nights where a portion of the proceeds from the door will go to a charity for that night.

Our main clothing, Freakawear, is refurbished and modified used apparal. True DIY style!

We strive to source everything as either 2nd hand or domestically made.

And more⁈